Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Grandma Dee

The kids and I drove about 6 hours across Texas to take Brandon's gma to the Dr.

The boys really loved her room at assisted living.

She showed me some of her knitting. Later Gabriel said he wanted to decorate his room in Spongebob and maybe Grandma Dee could sew him a Spongebob to hang on his wall.

They keep asking when we can go back to see her.


Pearl said...

Becca! These are amazing pics! What a talent to be able to make amazing images from an assisted living room. My favorites are the last two. But I love the second to last the best if I were going to rate them in order.

BTW! I can't believe how much of Brandon I see in her! Has he ever heard that before?

Mrsbear said...

Sounds like a fantastic visit for all. Especially if they're asking for a repeat. That's special.

Krista P said...

How'd they do on the car ride?

How sweet are those last two shots of G/E with Gma!