Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gabriel's Super Birthday Party

As usual we went WAY over board for Gabriel's 6th birthday party. The theme was Super Heroes. And it was SUPER! Check it out...
Super special thanks to my awesome cousin Debbie (remember the owl cupcakes?) who helped me fashion this cape for Duncan.
Super Man and Super Dog on the lookout for trouble (and guests).

As the guests arrived, some were in home made super costumes... Others were in store bought super costumes.

Our cat, holding her ground under a mountain of gifts.

Balloon animals!
Bouncy Castle!

A good time was had by all.

From here on I have handed my camera off to a trusted friend (who is also a photographer). I had Super Mom duties to attend to. Actually, I was a Super Villain ... The Punisher. More on that later.

Right now, its time for the pinata!

Some of the only pictures I have of my youngest child in his home made Hulk costume. I am a bad mom sometimes. Then there were prizes for best costumes.

And then there was cake. I don't look like I'm doing anything interesting here, except hold a lighter. But I like this picture. I love it. I love it because I look like my mom here. Hi, mom!

After most of the guests left, my friend Jaime busted out the colored hair spray!


The Punisher...

I'll give you something to cry about.

(That's what it says on the back of my wooden spoon.)

The plans. Mwaa haaa haaa haaaaa!!!!!!

My kids are really lucky to have a good mom like me around.
I almost contacted Keely (you bloggers know who I'm talking about) for some creative inspiration. Instead I called my mom (who loves to be involved in her grandkids bday parties - anyway she can - from a thousand miles away). She and I brainstormed this beauty of a villain up. She may make another appearance at Halloween.


Pearl said...

OMG! I totally just belted out laughing!!!!! That costume is AWESOME! I love the poses you have struck. Plus the eyes in the back of your head is great! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! Oh, and the other costumes were cool too. Gabe is one lucky little guy to have such a great mom!

kyooty said...

Oh you are so supermom!!!! love the custumes. LOVE the party, love the facial expressions on you and everyone else. You totally nailed that party! Excellent MOMNESS!!! also to your mom too for helping. :)

Krista P said...

You're such a goof. I may have to steal your costume idea.

And you are correct - you DID go overboard :) Nicely done!

Happy belated birthday G!

Laufa said...

Love the eyes on the back of the head, my kids are always asking me if I am using mine since they can't see them.

Laufa said...

PS Happy Birthday Gabriel!!