Sunday, April 3, 2011

Angus Ranch Part 3

We left off feeding the goats and non-calved ladies:
I think I may have over-sharpened this one. But I still like it.
After their lunch, the girls went out to graze. They are a touch skiddish and the boys got a kick out of chasing them!Ethan with a goat friend.

Old windmill.

Old well.

Gabriel and Ethan played in the old well. You might think it looks a little scary, what with all of that rusty metal. I thought that too but then again, they are up to date with tetanus shots and seemed to have so much fun so I let them. And I'm glad to tell you 2 things about this:

1. They emerged unscathed and intact.
2. The city is not likely to approve this form of playground for future parks development projects.


kyooty said...

oh well...

Ginny Marie said...

You were right about there being cows and more cows! Glad the boys were intact at the end of playtime. :)