Monday, April 4, 2011

Angus Ranch Part 5, Final

We left off counting the lady cows who have calved.

Hostess with the most-est.
Her very own Marlboro Man.

Had enough cows? Let's ride in the tractor.

Felling a tree.
Riding over to play on hay bales.Joby lost his hat. What's a cowboy without his hat? Ethan went fishing for it!

Ready for a ride in tractor bucket?
After they came down from that high, it was time to go home. There is no final good-bye shot because they both totally melted down. Neither of them were ready to leave and both of them have been begging to go back. I told AmyClaire, she could charge people for this outing and they would eat it up! We sure did!


Ginny Marie said...

How fun that the boys got to go up so high! What a fun day. No wonder the boys had a meltdown when it was time to leave!

tpr42345 said...

Perhaps mom wasn't exactly thrilled at being that high in the air, however. :-)