Monday, April 25, 2011

A Post All About Ethan

Ethan came with me as my assistant on my latest photo shoot. I was photographing a group of real estate agents and for a day when you have to take your kid to work with you, there couldn't have been a better day. For one thing, he was super well-behaved that day. And for another thing, most of the agents (at least the women) remembered a time when they took their young kids with them to show houses. Everyone was really cool about it, for which I am so grateful.

I took some shots of him while I was setting up my speed lite.

Here I only adjusted levels.

I think this one is PW's Soft and Faded atn.

Urban Acid from a free atn site. KP introduced me to this atn YEARS ago and it is still one of my favorites.

PW's Fresh and Colorful atn. I totally forgot about this one and have started using it more lately.

Ethan is going through some cute stages right now. For one thing, he loves helping me around the house in ways his brother was never very interested. When I cook, I measure out the ingredients, he adds them, he stirs them, he watches over things that are sauteing and stirs those for me too.

Ethan's favorite chores:
-mop the wood floors (bc I use this fancy mop)
-dust bust the little piles of dirt and dog hair before I mop
-spray anything - bleach spray, windex, bathroom cleaner, Pledge - pretty much anything in a spray bottle. And I wipe it off.
-taking the trash and recycling out for me.
-fold and put away laundry
Seriously, this boy is on his way to becoming an awesome husband for someone!

His new favorite food is hard boiled eggs. Generally though, he is much more into junk food than anyone else in this family. Although when I buy gum, I need to lock it in a safe. He goes through my packs of gum like potato chips!

Here is a dictionary for Ethan speak:

A Little Bit or A Little Biff = Elizabeth
eckersize = exercise
Lello = yellow
jelly = gently
this is where you get shot = this is where you get a shot
beat you up = beat you (as in a race)
gode = went
glubs = gloves
There are so many more fun Ethanisms but I am drawing a blank! I'll come back later when I remember more to add to the list.

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you - Philippians 1:3 (KJV)


Cassie said...

He's wayyyyy too cute for his own good. =) LOVE the Ethanisms!

Laufa said...

My kids go through gum like crazy. So glad the Easter Bunny got smart and put sugarless gum in the easter eggs. (wink)
You have your own built in maid and you only have to feed him hard boiled eggs.
I don't know anything about the styles of pics, but the one I like of Ethan is the one hand hip action one. So cute and he knows it.