Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rock Climbing at E-Rock!

I have always wanted to go rock climbing. On April 2, hubs and I had a chance to do it! We had so much fun. It was seriously one of the best days of my life.

Before the ranger station opened, I took some pics of this gnarly tree.

This one is with Pioneer Woman's Colorized action and a texture I got years ago.

This one is with Coffee Shop's Attic Vintage action and the same texture.

We climbed up to a ledge about 25 feet above where we started from. There was a guide hanging out there so I handed him my camera. Then there was another 25 foot climb up from the ledge.

I made it to the top twice!

Deep concentration look.

Look how high I am!

Belaying Brandon.
(One of the guides supervises me)

Brandon belaying me.

I am totally addicted to rock climbing now!

1 comment:

Laufa said...

You all are amazing climbers.
Those rock pics are pretty cool. You never know what you will see out in nature.