Monday, April 4, 2011

Angus Ranch Part 4

We left off playing in the old well.Then we went back to the barn for more grain to go feed the bully bulls - or billy bulls, I forgot (how embarrassingly city-mouse of me!).
Obviously, the barn doesn't require a lot of security.
Ever helpful, Gabriel swept out the truck first.
Duncan joined us for this portion of our adventure.

This is where Gabriel decided he likes to do this kind of work and would like to be a rancher when he grows up.

The bulls were decidedly uninteresting. So after we fed them their grain we were off to the field with the lady cows who have calved and some of them currently have calves (so cute!). We went to check if there were any new calves that needed a name tag. Here is AmyClaire demonstrating how to tag them.

Milk face.

Vine face.

This is where I start to fear the zombie cow infestation. I wish I could have recorded the sound of all the cows mooing at us. Imagine, if they were after brains instead of grain what sort of nightmare would that be? But we didn't give them grain. They get grain every other day instead of every day. We were just looking for new babies. The girls were really mad that we were empty handed guests of their pasture.

More cow pictures to come!


kyooty said...

loveit! Zombie Cow infestations :)
mooooooooooooooore pictures?

Ginny Marie said...

Brains instead of grain! I can hear the mooing in my head. ;)