Sunday, September 14, 2008

ABC Club and YouTube

Gabriel started the ABC Club at the library last week. Every week they go over one letter, beginning with Aa. He loves it! Since our B lost his job, PreK is out of the question (fiscally) I am trying to find other things that will get him around kids and get him learning at the same time.

Also, I am home-schooling him. I thought I would never do that, and here I am doing it and loving it! I have an excellent role model, my SIL Kim. She has homeschooled all five of her kids! While I am certain that G will go to public Kinder, I think of Kim a lot. I think of how amazing she is to have the responsibility of the education of all her children and how challenged I am to lead the PreK education of just the one child! I have a lot of admiration of my SIL and other moms for homeschooling. You women are awesome!

After my yoga class in the evening, I came home to find some really creative parenting by my brilliant husband. He taught G how to surf YouTube! It was hilarious to find the boys watching YouTube like a couple of big kids! As long as they are watching age appropriate videos, it is ok with me.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I missed out on seeing those two gorgeous boys. Such bad planning on my part You & B have such wonderful gifted miracles and I hope to meet them someday soon. Love & Hugs, Suzanna

Krista P said...

Ha ha ha, You Tube. I can't tell if that's brilliant or concerning. I'll stick with brilliant.

Home-schooling is a very intimidating thing! I'm sure you're doing a fabulous job.