Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fun in the Park

Doesn't a picnic at the park sound pleasant and fun? We picked up some Lunchables at HEB. Never again. Lunchables are awful! I try to stay away from all forms of negativity on this blog - some times more successfully than others, but Lunchables might be suitable as high end doggy snacks, not for human consumption.

Ethan ate them anyway.

After he played hard on the playground, he went to climb boulders almost as big as he is...You would think that Gabriel wasn't with us - he was, he just moved far too fast for me to get a good shot of him.


Krista P said...

My my how big he's getting! Such an adventurous boy.

(blushing and hangin my head in shame) we send P to school with Lunchables :(

We compliment it with a baggie of fresh fruit and milk.

R Grigg said...

in all fairness, i do feed my kids chef boyardee and mac-n-cheese. neither of those taste very good to me, but they love them. maybe i was too hard on lunchables.