Sunday, September 21, 2008

Coffee, scones, friends

My MIL was in Costa Rica for what felt like (to me) a very long time! Her original return flight was delayed several days due to the hurricanes. But at last she returned.

Initially I invited her over for the two of us to catch up over coffee and scones. Somehow I ended up inviting more women and it became an informal welcome home party!

Gabriel put GG to work

Aruni came over

Primrose joined us, then caught up on her reading about Pilates.

My MIL, we all started getting silly with our cameras / camera phones.

Tall Rebecca taking a picture

Gabriel generously offers his input

Ethan got bored with all of us ladies


Krista P said...

Are you short Rebecca?

I love the lady get-together. I bet P loved the welcom home party!

MIL said...

I most certainly did enjoy it!! Thank you Rebecca! It was a lovely time! Let's do it again SOOOOON!