Sunday, September 28, 2008


B understandably needed some time at home undisturbed to job search. We packed a picnic and scrounged up enough dollar bills from jeans pockets and quarters from the couch for admission and we took off for the zoo!

What a great day for the zoo. Warm, sunny, maybe only low 90's so we weren't melting in the heat.

G spent the entire drive talking about the STL zoo, which worried me because that zoo is so freaking awesome, was the bar set too high? Do I over analyze? Yes. He didn't notice that the SA zoo pales in comparison. Although I did decide that when B gets another job and our life gets back to normal, I will pitch to him the idea that we should plan our family vacations around visiting the zoos of America and abroad! How cool would that be? I would probably start a whole new blog just for zoo pictures and info.

For now, we are in the SA zoo.

In the reptile house, I played with my camera settings for a few minutes to try to find the best one for shooting through the glass. Oh how I long for my Nikon D80. One day, my love, one day. Do not lose hope for we shall be united, even if we must wait another five years and you are bought on Craig's List.

We had lunch with these guys...
We had a couple of dollars to spare so G got this cool wax giraffe. Later Boudreaux ate it, along with a blue crayon. Colorful snack, if not inedible.


Kellan said...

What zoo - the San Antonio zoo? That's my zoo! Great photos and that would be a cool blog about all the zoos!!

Have a good evening - Kellan

Kellan said...

It is my zoo!! How is it that I am just now realizing that you are in SA!?!?! We need to get together sometime - tee hee!

Take care - Kellan

Krista P said...

If only all of us could take pictures this great with a P&S!

Travelling to Zoo's cross-country and abroud...oh how jealous I will be.