Sunday, September 21, 2008

Home School Perks

Gabriel finished his first home school workbook. To keep his motivation I started awarding him a trip to the treasure chest for every workbook he completes.

This is the old treasure chest. Ma'amaw sent us a new treasure chest which will probably be pictured when he completes his next workbook because I am such a big dork and will take pictures to brag about on the blog! (since we received it on national talk like a pirate day, she threw in some pirate tattoos for the boys - thank you!)

My very smart boy. He, thankfully, seems to have inherited his father's coolness, so my dorkiness will at least skip his generation. Let's keep our fingers crossed for Ethan!


Krista P said...

Your dorkiness is what draws people to you!

I think it's sweet that you document everything - how else will I spend my day if not browsing your blog(s)?!

Krista P said...

AND, congrats to you & G on completing round 1.

I want some pics of him working on the workbooks!