Monday, September 8, 2008

gone fishin'

We took the boys fishing on Sunday before church. It was their first fishing trip and my first as an adult. Fishing has changed a lot since I was a kid.

My grandpa Bramstedt and I would go out with bamboo fishing poles and string, tie on a hook, bobber and worm and just wait for the fish. I don't remember actually catching a fish but I do remember smelling like worms. Also, I have fond memories of sitting next to my grandpa and being quiet (as that was a prerequisite to fishing with him).

Maybe some people still do it that way, but Brandon must be on to something with his way of fishing since he caught seven fish in an hour and a half. More importantly, no one came home smelling like worms.


Anonymous said...

I remember, before you were born, we took Doug fishing at the reclaimed strip mines. It looked like a park and had boat ramps. Very nice. Doug couldn't get a bite not even from a mosquito. He was so sad at the end of the day that I asked him to cast one more time. We waited. And waited. And then a tug! He pulled it in and smiling so big showed us his fish. It was really a heavy clump of vegetation but we all played along and praised his 'slime fish'. We even cooked it up for supper! It tasted very much like bluegill.

Mmama Llama

Krista P said...

Very sweet memories. I hope your boys will look back on Sunday the same way.