Sunday, July 5, 2009

HASAY: the good bad, the bad and the chubby

HASAY: a corner of Casey's blog (she's a rock star by the way) for those of us with the i-have-to-wear-a-bikini-blues.

Let's get straight to the depressing point: Despite my efforts, I managed to gain 2 pounds! ARGH! You might try to console me and suggest this is muscle weight - its not, I assure you. If it were, my clothes might fit better. That's how I know.

The good news is that I visited my Dr. and got a script for Zoloft. So after I spend the next several weeks weening off of Paxil and stepping up on Zoloft, I should start losing weight. Theoretically.

My BFF in the STL and I were having a vibrant discussion about food. She mentioned that McDippers were pointless if you ate the caramel. I said I could go for a tube of caramel to pour down my gullet about now. She went on, ignoring my obvious cries for help, to say there a lot of ways to ruin perfectly healthy food. We talked at length about salad dressing.

I like salad dressing to be in the background. It must accentuate the salad, show it off - if you will. My hubs likes his dressing to be the star. In other words, my salad dressing is The Pips, his salad dressing is Gladys Knight.

Speaking of food preferences, and since I was on my way to pick up Papa Murphy's Pizza, I asked my BFF if she preferred thin crust or thick crust (and I am appalled that in approx. 32 years, I don't already know this). She said, "Can a mother choose between her children? I love them both equally."

This conversation goes down for the books.

What are your thoughts?

I have a new obsession (not that I don't love stalking you or anything) and its - this site is the bees knees. For real, people. So, you put in your height, weight, age, weight loss goal and time frame for said goal. It tells you how much to exercise and consume to achieve this goal. Not only does it calculate your calorie range for each day, it calculates your protein, fat and carbs for each day as well. And then there are tons of message boards, articles, polls, quizzes, all the good stuff that comprises a top notch website. I have known and studied all this stuff for my entire adult life but it takes on a whole new meaning when I apply it to myself. I feel like I have a great new perspective for all of my yoga and pilates students who are on the weight loss train.

My calorie range for each day is 1250-1500. Not bad. I eat 6 times a day. One day last week after my 5th meal I entered my food and found out that I had only consumed 1230 calories. Wow! I sat in front of the laptop considering all the delicous opportunities for my last meal - the nighttime snack. Brandon, Simon and I were watching So I Married An Axe Murderer and I sat down with the motherload of healthy snacking: 1/2 cup lowfat vanilla yogurt, 1/2 c sliced strawberries, 1/4 c blueberries, 1/2 c fresh cherries and the pies de resistance 1/4 c pistachios. Mmmmm..... Then along came Brandon - plopping ever so nonchalantly beside me with a bowl full of strawberries and a jar of Nutella.

First, he cut the top off the strawberry, then he filled it with Nutella and topped it off with a little nutella cap. Then he leaned over to me, strawberry in my face, and said, "you want this?" And I scoffed at him, "no. I'm fine, thankyouverymuch." He held it there, locked eyes with me and smirked as though he were reading my mind. Do I want that? of course I want that? I want to eat that until I am licking the Nutella off the sides of a nearly empty jar! I'm sorry people. I'm a crack whore - er, I mean, a Nutella whore. I gave in. What can I say? I'm weak.

When I entered my final meal in sparkpeople I came out at 1650 for the day. And thus began my evening of self-loathing. That's life in a house of Costco sized Nutella jars. I must remain vigilant!

If you have been hanging in there for this entire post - you deserve a reward! Leave your name and address in the comment field and I'll mail you your own jar of Nutella - straight from my own stash (this offer only good in N. America and only applies to my already established readers - all 6 of them - you know who you are. All that to say, if you are some random stranger googling 'free nutella' - i won't send it to you - not that i don't want to, its just too much for a poor little chubby yoga instructor like myself to do.)


for a different kind of girl said...

Sorry about the two pounds, but I bet the tracking and commitment will help you have a great showing in the new week!

I've never ever had Nutella. I've seen it in the store, but never tried it. I think the reason is the universe knows I already have a problem when it comes to peanut butter, so it puts a force field around things like Nutella to spare me the eventual grief!

Casey said...

I've read about this nutella stuff somewhere before (I think on Boondock Ramblings) but I've still never had it. If it's as addictive as you say it is, I should probably steer clear of it. Good luck with the, hopefully that will be a good motivator. My friend has lost a lot of weight by following that Jillian Michaels site wehre she enters her food and wears a pedometer...

Here's to a good and skinny month. You can do it! And ha on the rock star comment. Hardly.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm Nutella!!! Ooo I love it on hot Italian Bread!!!! How cruel to make you cave to an obvious addiction we Ach it's a wee set back you can get back on track. I like, but prefer both are pretty cool. check it out!

kyooty said...

Is Nutella that hazel nut chocolate spread stuff? Our local shop has it in "smallsize" jars as a non brand and they keep it in a basket by the bread that you know becomes my weakness toast?
The secret is sharing, can your kids eat it?
Can you make cookies with it almost like PB cookies? you know for the kids.

Pearl said...

Dieting sucks! I am sitting here pondering making dinner...talapia over veggies. What I really want is a big fat pizza! With ranch to dip. Then chocolate cake for dessert.

Rhiannon said...

I'm going to try this spark people whatsewho. That friend of yours sounds like a blast! Maybe one day she'll scrape enough money together to go visit you and the two of you can go eat both kinds of pizza. While wearing muu muus.

Krista P said...

A classmate recommended sparkpeople too. I checked it out today

The Stiletto Mom said...

Hey! I'm here but not for the please don't mail me any or I'll send it right back because I don't need any help gaining weight! I may go to that site, just warning you because you may hear me weeping in a fairly loud manner shortly.

Nadine said...

I'm afraid to tell you this. I don't want you to think ill of my, but - I never had Nutella. Yes, I know, crazy right, but I've never bought a jar or tasted out of someone else's jar.

It's hard to diet. I admire anyone who tries and keeps trying. Hang in there my friend.