Saturday, July 18, 2009

when its 105 degrees, you swim

its hot.

really really hot.

do you want to hear me complain about it?

no? really? hmm...

how about swimming pictures?

aimee invited us over for a swim while ryan was at work. later, he came home and then brandon came over and we ended up grilling and staying until midnight -the kids were still awake when we left. little party animals - who do they get that from? their mom or dad?

ethan and i - chillin' in ryan's pool.

gabriel gearing up to dive - so is duke.

this picture was really blown out. i adjusted the curves and then decided i liked it all exaggerated. any PS geeks have an opinion on curves?

duke dives in after gabriel

duke and gabriel swimming

dragging the pool cleaner around - naughty dog

there was some football action too


kyooty said...

That looks all super fun! Send about 10C my way please, I'll try ot send you a bit of rain?

Lisadiana said...

looks like you had too much fun!

Krista P said...

Duke's awesome. And how cute is G using the diving board!

I can never seem to get curves right, so I have for the most part, given up. I'm starting to prefer layer masks.

Casey said...

I don't think I would have survived this summer without the pool. You guys need to move into Aimee's house until fall, tell her I said it's ok. Love the swimming shots...

I just had my curves removed so there's my opinion. ;)