Saturday, July 25, 2009

yoga, running and friends

The yoga studio I teach at hosted an open house to draw more clients. The night before we had a cleaning party at the studio...
the daughter of another instructor organizing cd's

cleaning the mirrors

Jason keeping track of the yoga mats

Ethan keeping Jason entertained

a rare sighting: my boys being quiet and good


At the open house, there was a professional photographer - these pictures used with permission from the amazing Aieesa.

Gabriel and I in tree

one of my favorites, side plank (by the way, this picture has inspired me to work out my upper body with hubs bc he pushes me harder and by the looks of that arm flab, i need a drill Sargent)

studio owner, world's favorite boss and one of my BFF's: Primrose and I in tree

Nelum Yoga studio instructors

a mini-class demonstration


In related news, I ran my yearly 5k race. In the four years we have lived in TX, this is my third year running in this particular race. This year, I drug Beth out with me (running mate extraordinaire and another BFF to bless my life). She won overall for the women (because she is like a gazelle!) and I won my division.

This race also marks my respite from outdoor running. From now until the weather chills out (get it, chills out? hahahaha) I will be found at the gym, probably on the elliptical - maybe the bikes, who knows? We'll see what tickles my fancy that day. Anyway, I've had it with waking up while its still dark, trying to beat the rising sun like a vampire and still feeling suffocated by the heat and humidity.

What sort of fitness are you into now?


Rhiannon said...

You're such a winner :)

Krista P said...

Your boys get cuter each time I see them. I saw an SUV with Texas plates today, by the way...made me think of you and smile.

LOVE the studio shots. Love your hair. LOVE that you and B kicked so much ass.

Auntie Amy said...

Love the blog, love the blogger.

for a different kind of girl said...

I really need to look into starting some yoga soon. My flexibility has been shot lately and I could definitely use a way to figure out how to shut off my mind every once in awhile.

Casey said...

How cute are you and Gabriel in a tree? Well, in a tree, in a car, wherever! Great shots, hope you had a fun night! And congrats on the 5k, my boobs hurt just thinking about it.