Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hiking in Government Canyon

Here is B fishing a rock out of Gabriel's boot.

my little lone hiker - too cool to hike with his mom and dad

i can't decide which pic i like better
Ethan is normally a good little hiker but on this particular day the oppressive (104 degree) heat defeated him.
As much as I wanted to say, "NO! You may not have my water because i'm the chump that ended up carrying you through this blasted canyon!" I didn't. I let him have all of my water and then passed out in the car. Not really. But I was parched for sure. Besides, see that smile on my face? I guess I was happy he needed me for something.


Rhiannon said...

LOVE this! And for the record I like the middle pic best. I'm such a sucker for dark dramatic colors and white fluffy clouds.

kyooty said...

I like the bright red shirt pic. I will try hard to send more rain cause well that grass is not green!!!

Krista P said...

I like the whistfulness of the first edit, but I like the pop in the second.

Look at you, super Mom, for carrying a child on your shoulders in the blistering heat.

I am a bit disappointed though that I can't see your eyebrows in any of the shots - I just want a quick peak - lol. Is it growing back yet?

Lisadiana said...

You rock mama! I'm going to wait until it's a little cooler before I try any hiking like that!

Casey said...

Ohhhhhh, you're such a good sacrificer. Love the last pic the best, did you highlight your hair? looks lighter.