Monday, May 26, 2008

The Chronicles of South Padre, part 1

Sunday, May 18 - my wild husband's bday. Our day began with a delicious and extravagant breakfast of fresh croissants, giant, juicy strawberries, and THE BEST COFFEE in the WORLD at Nana and SoSo's (my MIL and FIL). We sang Happy Birthday - I'm sure B appreciated my morning voice belting out a tune. Who wouldn't? After all, if you've heard my speaking voice over the phone in the morning, you only have a glimpse of the angelic beauty of my singing voice in the morning ... or any other time of day.

We soon departed - after shooting cup after cup of that delicious coffee - for South Padre Island.

The view from our room.

We checked into the condo and immediately headed to the beach. Let me tell you something about the beach; I imagine that heaven smells like the beach. It is the most divine smell that beckons miles before you get there, a combination of saltwater, sand and contentment.

We waded into the waves neck deep - securely holding onto the children - and rode the waves back to the shore. We dug holes in the sand and watched the tide fill them back up.

We rinsed off and dove into our resort's pool - one of three pools actually. It was so much fun. Our kids are fun and adventurous - something I often overlook in our daily lives.

Then we piled into the car and explored the island, noting shops and cafes of interest.

After we returned to our room, B & G went to Port Isabel (the last town on mainland before you get to S. Padre) to go to HEB to stock up on groceries. As they were checking out, G asked the cashier, "May I please have a sticker?" Love his good manners! When they were leaving there was another cashier standing by the door, he looked at her, stuck the sticker to his forehead and matter of factly says, "I paid for my head." He is so funny! I know no other 3 year old with a sense of humor like his!

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Krista P said...

I love that you got to kick back & be reminded of your boys' adventurous side. That's really what vacation is all about, isn't it?

Your view was breathtaking!

I too, love G and his good manners. He's such a gem, in an odd "I paid for my head" kinda way.

Is E eating sand? I SO love him in his trunks. Too cute.