Monday, May 26, 2008

The Chronicles of South Padre, Part 3


Bada Bing Bagels. Located on the main drag on the island.

Coffee= slightly worse than McDonalds.

Bagel sandwich = one of the best sandwiches I have ever consumed. In fact, as I write this I can imagine the flavor and am scheming how I can duplicate "The Liberty".

Proprietor = super cool, laid back local.

Speaking of cool laid back locals, there were several of them at the bagel shop talking about how they all unexpectedly got sunburns the day before. They complained that it had been years since they were sunburned. I felt a bit less like a dope but even that barely took the sting from the blisters that had developed on my back.

Then we drove to the Sea Turtle Rescue Center. It was like walking through the pound - but they don't let you take the turtles home. Ok, the turtles were awesome and would you believe it, friendly, but all joking aside, what these people are doing is really great. They have excellent facilities for rescuing injured turtles, all due mainly to private donations but some federal grants as well.

After having my heart turned inside out by the spirited, 2-legged sea turtle we returned to the condo for naps and playing in the pool. Then it was off to dinner at a local brewery. Again top shelf fare, top shelf service!

In the car on the way I was asking G what he likes about the beach. He had me going in circles, "Because its fun."

"What makes it fun?" I asked.

"Because I like it."

"What do you like about it?"

"Because its fun."

After several minutes of that type of conversation he said, "Mommy, will you please stop talking, I'm trying to think."

After dinner, we drove to the north end of the island, as far as the road goes. The shops and restaurants fade away into the dunes. We found a random cross and pulled over to watch the sunset. The children played in the sand, expending the last of their energy and I clicked away with my camera.

When we returned to the condo, the kids fell asleep straight away.

One of the incredible things about this trip was how well behaved the boys were. They requested naps and went to bed easily. We all ate lots of healthy food. Oh! the food! The entire trip we ate so healthy. In fact, as soon as drove onto the island for the first time, my allergies dissipated along with our tensions. Ethan's diaper rash took a vacation from him. However, sadly, as soon as we returned, my allergies and E's diaper rash returned along with our tensions, tantrums, and nap time battles (G).
Our first meal inland was at McDonald's (aka Satan's Lair). I guess we just need to move to the beach to lead happy and healthy lives!


Krista P said...

I had no idea there is sea turtle rescue center. I've never seen a sea turle. Well, except that one time I watched Finding Nemo. Did you get pictures? I can imagine how sad that might be.

I love the conversations with the three-year-old. You got told!

R Grigg said...

is anonymous proxy? if so, you won't get to see most of my pics. must check when you get home.

Krista P said...

Sure enough, it'[s corporate America keepin' the man down. I can see them now (at home)!

Love the orang top, by the way.