Monday, May 26, 2008

The Chronicles of South Padre, Part 5

We spent the majority of the day on the beach. The boys and I built a sandcastle while B body boarded. The waves were crazy - it was a red flag surf day. It think the technical term is gnarly, they pretty big and fierce.

We flew our auto kite - meaning after our kite got into the air (which took 15 seconds) we anchored the string into the beach. It was heaven for me because if there are two things I could sit and watch all day they are kites and waves. Well .... uh ... last March I went back to STL (so the kids could visit my parents) and I thought the same thing about the baby elephant at the STL zoo.Later, while the boys were napping, I went for a jog on the beach. B and I took turns so one of us could stay in the condo with the kids, but we managed to still get competitive about it. He went farther than I but I stayed on dry sand - he jogged on wet sand. He rounded out his exercise with ocean swimming, I finished out mine with an ab routine I'll post on a later blog.

Gabriel spent a good ten minutes pretending to be a marshmallow.

We had dinner in Port Isabel at a pirate themed restaurant - the kids loved it. Their shrimp was served in a paper ship. Too cute!

The rest of the evening was spent slathered in aloe and lounging in the condo. I taught Ethan how to color (he previously thought of crayons as snacks) and I taught Gabriel how to stay in the lines when he colors.


Krista P said...

How DOES one pretend to be a marshmallow? He's so clever, that one.

Krista P said...

That firs tpic of B is really cool. And YOWZA, check out your beach bod!