Monday, May 26, 2008

South Padre misc.

Things that I packed but never used:
blue jeans
tennis rackets
cell phone (just kidding!)

Things that were worth their weight in gold!
sunscreen - and lots of it!
camera / extra 1g memory card
pack n play (Ethan)
canned air - to get the sand out of my camera, cell phone, other places sand gets into

Things that I wish I hadn't forgotten:
floss - that's right, I did not floss for one week - ew!
salon conditioner
goggles (Gabe)
cap (Ethan)

At home I work out 3-4 times per week so I intended on working out 3 times during vacation. I only exercised twice. Its not a big deal because we were very active and ate healthier than we ever do at home. Does that sound like a good excuse or what? Here's a run down of what I did in case you find yourself in a hotel room or on a beach in the near future:

Day 1
5 minutes warm up, 5 minutes stretch

push ups -10
lunges -15
crunch -20
wide fly push ups -10
squats -15
reverse crunches -20
military push ups -10
leap frog squats- 15
fifer scissors -20
decline push ups- 10
hot foot -30 seconds each foot
mason twists -30
bonus round!
dive bomber push ups -5
squat jacks -15
wall sit -1 minute
in and outs -20

totals: 85 push ups, 135 legs + 3 minute, 150 abs

Day 2
2 mile jog (dry sand) B went farther on wet sand

crunches - 50
in and outs - 20
fifer scissors - 20
cork screws - 20
v-sits - 5
v-sit with leg lifts -5
mason twists - 50

170 ab movements - dry sand didn't get my heart rate in my target zone but it worked my thighs and glutes much harder.

Note of interest: gas prices on the island are the same as the mainland.


Krista P said...

Your workout sounds dangerous! lol.

Anonymous said...

Love your pics! Everything looks beautiful. Too bad lame college kids know about South Padre. E and I would totally be down for some beach time, maybe the next time I make it down there...

AutumnJade said...

Cute pics! You have been so disciplined! I applaude you for that.
D and I want a girl C changes his mind hourly.