Monday, May 26, 2008

The Chronicles of South Padre, Part 6

Dolphin Watching. Gabriel was so excited about it, until we got on the boat - then he was more excited about the boat than the dolphins. Until we saw a fast boat go by, then all he wanted was to be on a fast boat.

I expected to pay a bunch of money, enjoy a lovely boat ride but not see any dolphins. Actually we saw dozens of dolphins, it was so cool! Well, the boat was pretty cool too. Being a land lover, my legs were very wobbly on the boat. It was amazing to watch the captain and crew walk with such finesse. These are men you would not considered poised if you saw them on land. I wished we had a boat so I could get used to it too and walk around it like those men did.

When we returned, we swam in the pool and Gabriel decided to swim! In the past he would swim with some sort of flotation device strapped to him but this time he really swam, underwater, with his eyes open! His dad is a very strong swimmer, he's lucky to have someone like that to teach him what he needs to know about swimming. Once he started, he didn't want to stop! He swam a LOT then he napped and ate well!

We finished off the day at Louie's Backyard (restaurant) for sunset dinner. The food was so fresh. All of the food we had on the island was so good. Everyday we devoured seafood, fresh vegetables, it was magnificent! Just as we finished our dinner, a fireworks show began. This was our last day on South Padre. Our vacation ended with the most brilliant moments. I could not have envisioned or anticipated a better vacation.


Krista P said...

I'm with G - who doesn't want a fast boat?!

I'm very proud of your little swimmer!

Krista P said...

G's such a sweetheart in that video clip. Makes you want to scoop him up & hug him.

Love B's artwork. Very lovely.