Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Inflatable Wonderland

At the beach I learned a good lesson. The children are happier, better behaved, better rested and have healthier appetites if they are exhausted from fun activities. In our regular routine, we only go do something fun once, sometimes twice per week. The rest of the time is spent running errands and playing at home. So I have decided to turn a new leaf and make their lives fun and exciting! After all, G will start pre-k this fall and that will be weird (for me, he will love it).

We began with Inflatable Wonderland.

Can you imagine that level of activity for over two hours? No wonder that child is skinny as a rail.


Krista P said...

No wonder you're skinny as a rail - chasing after them!

Krista P said...

We have something similar (probably smaller in scale) in STL...

One's at the Mills - we've walked past it, but that's it.

I'm tired just watching all that bouncing. I bet he slept like a log.