Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to me!

The best Mother's Day ever!
1. Saturday B took me shopping :-) can you imagine how much I loved that? Especially with the beach trip coming up, there are lots of little luxuries I wanted: sunglasses, new beach towel, beach toys for the kids, etc.

2. Saturday Night: I took the boys to Chili's for dinner. B stayed home. The boys were well behaved AND ate all their food! What more can a mother ask for?

3. Sunday morning: B made me breakfast of my choice and everyone actually sat at the table with me for breakfast (I love eating at the table, so I usually do it alone).

4. Sunday afternoon: we all go to Seaworld! Fun!

5. Sunday evening: we go to church where the men surprise the women with roses and told us what they love about us. B loves that I make up for his weak spots and without me he wouldn't be able to do anything that he does.

Oh, how spoiled I felt! What a great weekend!

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Krista P said...

Your Mother's Day rocked! Soooooooo jealous of Sea World. Hope those little boogers of yours continue to spoil you all week long.