Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gabriel's Song

Gabriel has been really into making up songs on his guitar. He made up a really cute one about me. Yesterday, he sat down and said he was going to sing his song about me so I went to get the camera - I want to remember this forever!

First, he had to prepare. He needed to settle in and get ready to unleash the artist within him.

He wasn't quite primed...

"Are you shooting me a video?"

Of course I obliged. But instead of my song, I got some sort of abstract "Freeze" song performed by James. Apparently I couldn't hide how "hard" it was for me.

My inability to understand art at his advanced level had him in stitches. Maybe next time, I will get my song. Yes, he has only 5 strings on his guitar. Yes, he prefers to play without wearing pants. Yes, his alter ego is James - as is his middle name.

Its true it was "hard" to comment on his work at the time but after some thought I have come up with the following terms: avant garde, experimental, innovative. Modern was the wrong term, I should never have called a 3 year old modern. How insulting. He is post post modern.

In fact, here is what Wikipedia had to say about avant garde music: "Avant-garde in music may refer, among other things, to an extreme form of musical improvisation in which little or no regard is given by soloists to any underlying chord structure or rhythm, such as free jazz, and some forms of noise music. It can refer to any form of music working within traditional structures while seeking to breach boundaries in some manner. "

Yes, that is a perfect description of Gabriel's song, Freeze. He is always trying to overstep the boundaries, in all areas of life. I told you, he is an independent thinker.

Here's an interesting tidbit about Gabe, he has several imaginary friends, they are all "dads". There is Blue Dad, Yellow Dad, Brown Dad, Green Dad. Blue Dad is his favorite because even though he has blue skin, blue clothes, blue nose, blue bones, etc, his hair and eyes are brown like Gabe's. He actually has a Brown Dad (he calls Rohan and Primrose his Brown Dad and Brown Mommy). So maybe when he talks about his Brown Dad he is pretending to be with Rohan, I'm not sure.

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Krista P said...

This young man is going places. My guess is that he'll be signed withing the next year. I guess you'll have to move to LA to support his career. Don't foget the small people when you're rich and famous, ok?