Friday, June 13, 2008

100 degrees fahrenheit

Yesterday was the last day of VBS so to fill Gabe's day we went to Seaworld with some friends, Nicky and her son Benjamin. It was one of our best days at Seaworld. We stayed as long as the kids were being good, which wound up at 5 and a half hours. I kept thinking, "Boy, its hot today." On the drive home I saw a sign with the time and temp - yup, it was hot - 100 degrees. I think it is the first triple digit day this season.

We still had fun. The kids got a LOT of sun and have since been napping. Hopefully they will sleep through the night.

Today was Jessica's Bday (Primrose and Rohan's late daughter) please keep this family in your prayers. It is still pretty recent loss and painful time - even with their new little one on the way, no one will replace Jessica.

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Krista P said...

Holy hot weather! You made a wise choice heading to Sea World.

Yesterday must have been almost unbearable for Primrose and Rohan. Hopefully they were able to celebrate the short life she did live. And congrats to them on their pregnancy!

Have a happy Father's Day