Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer playlist

These are the songs that best define summer.

It was hard to narrow down the Beach Boys, but I got it down to two songs. Jack Johnson and Ricky Martin earned two songs each as well. You may be thinking, "Ricky Martin? Really?" Yes! His songs are so fun and full of life. I spent many a hot summer day shaking my hips to those songs. In fact, I recall several occassions when the days turned into night and I lost count of the hours spent salsa and meringue dancing. Ricky Martin, believe it or not, played a big part in those days.

Nightswimming is a classic - who hasn't listened to that while night swimming with their best friend(s)? If you haven't done it, I highly recommend it. Good times...

I really wanted Rockapella's version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight (New Orleans Road Trip summer of 1991, remember Rhiannon, I refused to share my walkman!)

Sunshine on My Shoulders disrupts the tempo of this list, but I can't think of summer songs and not hear my dad's voice singing that to me when I was little.

I don't know why some songs are played in full length and others only 30 seconds. if you click the link "songs of summer" next to the player, your browser will navigate to imeem.com where another player will play all the full length songs. If anyone has any suggestions how to fix this so the embeded player will play all full length songs, please comment. Thanks


songs of summer

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Krista P said...

excellent selections! I just may have to get my hands on some copies of these & burn them to listen to at work.