Saturday, June 28, 2008

Monster Truck!

Firestone had a party today. Complete with free cotton candy, snow cones, a Guitar Hero tent and a monster truck on display. It is a tire store, so there were also muscle cars and classic cars on display, accompanied by some boss hogs.

I sometimes envy my friend, Krista's blog with all of the talk of dresses and lockets for her two daughters (same age). My life is all monster trucks, transformers, swords and body slams. Aaaah.... One day I will adopt my girl!


Krista P said...

Dern it, now I need a snow cone.

G seemed thrilled to get his picture taken by the truck - E looks more "yeah, I'm enjoying my drink, what's it to ya? Of, you mean there's a giant TRUCK right behind me?!"

We'll swap for a week. Sometimes P & C are way more girl than I can handle. I myself, am just learning how to be girly - they teach me a lot.

Mama Llama said...

How do you climb up into that thing?

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