Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The verdict is in, I am Texas' dorkiest mom.

Some of my most fond summer memories of childhood are the library's summer reading program. My mom or aunt would take me up to the library, we would go to the basement, where the children's section was and pick out books.

When we walked into the library today and the teenager at the reading program table invited us over. I said, "oh, my kids are way too young for this" but he said no - they allow all kids, even newborns. I was considerably more excited than the kids. They got these cool charts and bookmarks.

Did you read that? For each child that completes fifteen books, they will receive a Summer Reading Certificate signed by THE MAYOR! And they will choose a book to keep. How cool is that? I think when I did the summer reading program as a child we got a coupon for a discount at Pizza Hut. Nothing as cool as a book and certificate signed by THE MAYOR!


Krista P said...

Loser. (You should duck immediatly, I'm throwing rotten tomatoes at you).

It's great that you're taking them (and documenting it too). They really DO look excited so I can only imagine how you looked.

Sounds like a pretty amazing program! And FYI, the Mayor doesn't sign them, his assistant does (kidding, I hope). Never-the-less, it IS way better that a pizza coupon (which inevitably goes straight into the trash).

Mama Llama said...

Ooooh! I remember taking you and Doug to summer reading programs. There were also special movie days with kids films. Our house didn't have ac yet and the library basement was so cool and comfortable. It was wonderful.

P.S. It was free pizza and sometimes DQ cones.


R Grigg said...

I stand corrected. That Llama has the memory of an elephant! I don't know how she does it.