Monday, June 23, 2008

Goose Egg

It is truly amazing how children - especially boys - can sustain so many injuries to the head and still be normal. It also amazes me how resilient they are.

Lat Wednesday Gabriel and his friend, Aiden, were playing in the grass at Sonic. Gabe tripped on something, a tree root, I don't know, and landed head first on a big rock (part of the landscaping). He came crying to me and as soon as I saw the bump on his head I choked down some barf. Thank God Amy was there - Aiden's mom - she was very strong and said things like, "Oh, you are brave!" and "It doesn't look too bad." Because Amy was so calm, I could therefore, fake a measure of calmness as well. Then the teenager who manages Sonic sold us some ice for his head (thank you again, Amy, for footing the bill). She and I both marveled at how he cried for five minutes then was off playing again but how that sort of injury would ruin our day and we would cry for much longer.

Here are a couple of shots from later that evening. It really healed up nicely by the next day. There's a picture of the day after on "Watching Cartoons" - the previous post.


Tiff said...

Uggg! That looks like it hurts! I'm glad he handled it so well and I'm sure it looks a lot better now.

Krista P said...

God bless Amy! lol

"choked down some barf" gross, but I've been there too.

Cheers to G for being so tough - that looks SO bad. The least the Sonic manager could have done was too GIVE you the ice - seeing as how you had grounds for a sueing.