Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Veggie Tales VBS

Gabriel had his first day of VBS today. The church is a half hour (at least) from my house and the class was only two hours so it didn't make sense to come back home, then go back out. There are lots of lofty stores out that way, but its a challenge for me to walk around and not buy anything, not even a sale item. So, Ethan and I went for a hike.

He got tired.

I carried him on my shoulders back to the trail head.

There is a cool mosaic at the trail head. We hung out there and I got some shots of him.
with color boost

he got tired and only wanted to cuddle
Then we headed back to pick up G. Here he is during class. Happy as a clam. He loves school.


Krista P said...

E cracks me up. "I think I shall sit down and chill here for a bit."

You are quite bendy, my friend, to get those shots. Nicely done!

R Grigg said...

I read that comment in the voice of Moose A. Moose from Noggin!