Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rare Tantrum

Gabriel has, for the most part, outgrown tantrums. He still has little ones when he gets tired or we are leaving somewhere that he really wants to stay. Last night he had a big tantrum. It was kind of funny watching this big 3 and a half year old behaving like a baby. So I grabbed my camera.

The subject of his tantrum.
He really wanted peanut butter.

His brother's amusement witnessing the whole episode.


Krista P said...

E: "Ha, ha, I'm the good one." Love the tattoo, by the way.

I find myself torn between thinking the pics of G are really mean and hillarious.

I myself have a Jiffy tantrum from time to time.

R Grigg said...

Don't feel sorry for G. This was one of those "I will fuss until I get my way" sort of tantrums. The longer we went without giving in, the more dramatic he became! As you can tell from the floor picture.

Tiff said...

Those pictures are really cute! My four old still throws a floor fit occassionally. I owe you a link to the actions I used on those trucks (I'm so forgetful). You can find them at: