Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Late VBS pics

We didn't take Gabe's epi-pen to VBS. Turned out that they went outside to play and lo and behold ants made their presence known. Lucky for G the teachers saw them before they saw G. His favorite teacher, Steve (who he talked about all week), took G inside to play. G liked it better than playing outside - getting so much attention from his favorite teacher. It was worth the trade-off. Also, said teacher has a pretty granddaughter the same age - in the same class - and was a little jealous her grandpa was giving so much attention to another so she went inside to play too. I promise you, G didn't mind. He has a penchant for pretty girls.

I forgot my book (A Long Obedience in the Same Direction) and was too broke to enjoy shopping at The Rim so I hung around the church building until class was over. The VBS was "Veggie Tales Camp" and the theme was Heroes of God (to explain the shiny cape).

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Krista P said...

Is G allergic to ant bites? Wow - scary!

Glad he had a good time!