Friday, August 22, 2008

Fingerpainting Gone Wild

Ethan still lacks experience with fingerpaint - but we're getting there. He has only tried one or two times under the strictest supervision. Tonight I thought I would let him paint in the same way I would let his brother paint when he was that age. What a mess!

Here is what happens when mother walks from table to the sink to fetch a damp paper towel.

Ethan, rather than painting the page, turned his "palette" over and painted the table. The palette is the paper on the left, his page to paint on is the paper on the right. Very minimalist, like his mother. Decidedly more paint graced the table than the canvas.

He was quite proud.

Gabriel, the 'responsible artist' decided that he is grown up enough to help himself to more paint - not that he needed any. Here is what he managed to do in about ten seconds...

His palette became a royal mess as did his picture, which sadly was introduced to the trash can. As for the photo below, that is a bona fide hand shaped blob.

I love Crayola! I'm sure that I've blogged about this before. How frustrating for moms from the days of yore (ie. the 70's, sorry mom) who didn't have the luxury of washable paints, markers and crayons. How many times have I washed all of the above off my walls, furniture, clothes, skin or cat? Maybe my mom and others from that time and before were more stringent about the rules of art time. Come to think of it, I remember doing a lot of projects in the backyard. Crayola claims 'washability you can trust' - the next time I indulge in an adult beverage, that will, for sure, be my next toast. Here's to Crayola.


Krista P said...

... to Crayola!!

Oh man, how can you stay mad at the kid?

Suzanna said...

You never have to go anywhwere for excitement since you have two artists. Pull that master creation outa the trash. May need it when he becomes famous.