Sunday, May 31, 2009

get out of my camera and onto my screen!

Last Sunday we had the largest group at our house church yet. Look at all of these kids being good while we sang!

My MIL stole baby Jason away for a few minutes - here he is resting on my FIL's shoulders.

we went down to the river walk - this is the only picture i took.

Gabriel has to do immuno-therapy. anyone have suggestions how to comfort kids when they are getting shots?

this is my favorite shot

i'm going to work on this. i think this is a cool idea but the execution of it didn't go so well.

at Gabriel's last soccer game. he played against one of his friends.

Ethan hanging out with the coach's wife. he didn't want to sit with me.

Ethan hanging out with Soso. still, he didn't want to sit with me.

coach's son

after the game, they got medals

G couldn't part with his medal for the remainder of the day. here he is at bedtime.

Ethan pretends to get a medal

Ethan pretends to have a medal, Gabriel pretends to carry (my) backpack - they are both "fighting guys"


Casey said...

Wow, you guys have been busy! I love all of the pictures but Gabriel sharing his medal with Ethan is my fave.

Becky said...

Those last three pics made me all teary! They are such cute boys, and Ethan with the medal is sweet beyond words.

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

Your kids really are adorable. I wish I had advice about the shots. I wouldn't know the answer...only to be there for him and maybe a popsicle afterwards or a Teddy Bear to clutch while he gets the shot.

Krista P said...

They are both, undeniably, the cutest brothers I have ever seen.

As far as the shots...sadly, he'll get used to it. No kid should have to, but he will. Singing songs helps, or asking what his favorite part of the day has been, or asking him a series of other questions.

You could go the aromatherapy route, but I think that's BS.