Friday, May 15, 2009

Ghost of Dances Past

There are a few people doing the Prom theme this week:
Sprite's Keeper
Stiletto Mom
Blissfully Caffeinated
Go ahead, play along, the cool kids are doing it.

I have no pictures of my senior prom. Why? I don't know. I DO know that my boyfriend wasn't going to go with me because he didn't like the idea of going to a dance with no intention of dancing and he thought he would be bored just sitting at a table around a bunch of idiots he didn't like (he thought everyone was an idiot). It's too bad because he was sort of cute.

The morning of senior prom, he picked me up at my house and was driving me to a bank. I was wearing my uniform because later he was going to drop me off at the movie theater I worked at since I was scheduled to work the matinee.

We were at a stoplight. he got the green arrow, was making a left hand turn and some geezer ran the red light and crashed into us.

A couple hours later, I was sitting on my mom's porch crying and bleeding. He felt so bad (as he should, I was a concert ballerina until that point) so he said, "Is there anything I can do?"
I said between sobs, "Go with me to prom." So he borrowed my dad's tux and my uncle's shoes and my mom's car and took me to prom. I wish I had pictures because I was wearing the prettiest sleek black gown, my hair was down and my face was dolled up with lovely makeup - and it was black and blue from the accident!

I hate to disappoint you though so here are pictures from other dances.

1992 - Freshman Year Winter Ball. My mom bought me that chair when I was 11. We saw it at an antique store and I immediately fell in love with it - it had zero upholstery. She had it restored and gave it to me as a gift. I still love it. It lives in my mom's house.

1993 - Sophomore Year, Mascoutah Senior Prom. I went to the Mascoutah Prom with a family friend, Josh. We grew up together so he was more like a brother. His grandpa let him borrow the town car. It smelled like an old man, but it was nice of him to relinquish his beloved horseless carriage for one night. I don't know why he had trouble finding a date. It could have been that most girls were intimidated by his extensive knowledge of fire arms or his collection of knives. I'm happy to report that he has a much nicer hair cut these days as well as a beautiful family and a wife who appreciates his penchant for weapons.

1994 - Prom. Juniors could go to the senior prom if they were invited. The above picture is Nick Somethingorother, the Swedish exchange student (or was he from Finland? I forget) and his date, Jenni Gruenert - then there's me, then there's Rhiannon and her date, Drew. I look a little pudgy here and that's because I was an exchange student to Brazil where I gained some weight. I loved that dress though. It was from the 1950's and I bought it at a boutique that sold only vintage dresses. My mom gave me a corsage. Isn't she sweet? My reason for not having a date wasn't because I was a loser or anything you might be thinking along those lines. I just didn't feel the need to desperately run around begging people for a date when I felt totally comfortable in my own skin.


Peggy said...

Aw were such a cutie patootie! I love that you had mature tastes in H.S. (like antiques!) all I thought about was Wet n Wild Lipsticks (#512 to be specific...not gonna lie!) and boys!

The Stiletto Mom said...

Is that a side swoopie on his head???

You need to get some type of award for bringing something so fanatbulous to the internetz! You, as always, look adorable. :)

Linking you now!

blissfully caffeinated said...

The town car! Woot! Love the vintage cheongsam, that's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and you are linked!

Nadine said...

I went to my junior prom with Tom (who I later married). I still have the dress my mom made and a picture. I've posted about it in the May 2006 (The Rest of It) post if you're interested.

BTW - You are such a beautiful woman and it goes back to your teenage years too. I love the vintage dress and I think you look great in it. I love that at such an young age you felt so good in your own skin.

Sprite's Keeper said...

The side swoop! I haven't seen one of those in years! Classic 90's!
You're linked! (And your dresses are gorgeous! So are you!)

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

Great story. Goes to show there's more than one way to get a prom date.

Love the photos!

Jenni said...

i'm so envious of your high school self's self esteem! and i echo above comments - you were quite the cutie pie.

Lynn @ human, being said...

I especially love the turquoise chinese vintage get up. See the '90s were so much better than the '80s fashion wise.

And as far as girls like me eating girls like you for lunch, don't judge a book by it's cover. I was 1 B in gym away from a 4.0 and was a total geek on the inside :).

Besides, right now I think you could totally kick my ass. ha!

Lynn @ human, being

Casey said...

Wait, you were an exchange student? That's so stinkin cool! You were adorable and beautimus and HOT in all of those pictures and I love that you went solo by choice in the last shot. You've been to a bunch of dances, I only ever went to two. Yay. Maybe we can have a bloggers formal someday. Wait, nevermind... not in the mood to wear a dress anytime soon.

Angel said...

you look wonderful! I am sorry that you don't have any pictures of Sr prom, and about the accident. But I hope you had a good time!

Ginny Marie said...

It was a great idea to post pictures from other dances! I wish I had thought of that. I didn't go to prom, but went to a lot of formals in college. I love the vintage dress!

Becky said...

Ha, your story is hilarious. "Go with me to prom!"

I love that Chinese dress! I had one like that (it wasn't vintage)when I was in my early 20's, and it had like a major impact on men. Don't know why.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I love your vintage leanings. I was the same way. My parents were really into antiquing when I was growing up and I spend many an hour lingering over tiny waisted party dresses and pearl button gloves. The vintage prom dress is timeless. Beautiful choice.

Krista P said...

You look so propper in that first shot!
You also happen to look really good in blue.

Rhiannon said...

Pack Rat that I am my Mom's closet still harbors that blue chiffon prom dress. Also please note that your date to that Freshman Winter Ball didn't really speak to you the whole night.Too shy or just too boring. It's hard to know. Of course I didn't go and tried to live vicariously through your evening.

for a different kind of girl said...

Love your vintage dress in the last photo! That kind of thing still comes back in style from time to time! Ditto on your high school self-esteem, too!

gigidiaz said...

I think it's great that you felt comfortable going to your dance alone. I get really funny looks and odd comments when I mention that I like doing dinner and a movie by myself once in a while.

Kudos for us!