Monday, May 18, 2009

RTT: Yeah you know me!

You down with RTT?
-Yeah you know me!
You down with RTT?
-Yeah you know me!
Who down with RTT?
-ALL the ladies!
(and some men)


Zombies are all fine and good. I have read more zombie books and seen more zombie films in the last few months than during my whole life combined. But the new obsession in my life (because obsessions have a high turnover and a short shelf life) is Mortal Kombat v. DC Universe. Yeah baby.

Before DC Universe came into the picture I was all about Kitana. She was always my girl, always there for me to kick some boys' bootay ... and sometimes a girl's bootay if I was up against Mileena or Sonya Blade. But now, no can kill Cat Woman! Mwa hahahaha!


But I can't figure out her greatest FINISH HIM fatality. I have tried all her moves but it isn't spectacular. I guess I will have to search the web.

Ugh. This means I must read blogs and message boards by bigger geeks than I.

The graphics have gotten way sluttier. See a fore mentioned geeks.
In REAL life, I'd zip up that jacket at least another 10 inches!

Between trying to get my kids to behave (which is like pulling teeth and today I seriously considered starting a new career as a dentist), doing dishes and laundry, planning meals and picking up around the house - there is Mortal Kombat.

Looking for a blogger whose randmon thoughts are more chic and less geek? Visit Keely. Or you will face the wrath of Cat Woman!


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Wahoo, I get to be first :)

Love that catsuit, doe sit come in other colors?
And thanks now that song is stuck in my head replacing the Veggies Tales theme song. It's a start anyway.

for a different kind of girl said...

You'd think it would be quite distracting for Cat Woman to fight injustice with her outfit unzipped that far. I suppose that look could be part of her arsenal of weapons!

I LOVE zombie books, btw. They trump vampire tales (well, most anyway) books any day!

Casey said...

Wow, video game boobs, can I take that pic to my surgeon and tell him that's what I want mine to look like?

And thanks for getting OPP in my head. You know me.

GreenJello said...

The catsuit is super-glued on. Otherwise, the laws of physics just say No Way In Hell Those Are Staying Put.

Mrsbear said...

Alright, Catwoman is hot, but those cannot be real. Really, would they stay put in combat without a good support bra? Never. My husband got me a zombie game for mother's day, I take down the undead whenever the kids give me some alone time. 3,000 kills under my belt. Probably means I should get out more actually, now every time I get in a mall, I'm strategically plotting where I can barricade a stronghold. Happy RTT.

Keely said...

No, I'm just as geeky. I happen to know, for instance, that in the comics she is always zipped up. It's just video gamers that are pervs (haha!).

And thank you for possibly the funniest fucking comment left on my blog in, like, FOREVER.

The Stiletto Mom said...

Why oh why did you put that song in my head? Now it will never leave.

If anyone could pull off that catwoman suit, it's you!

Angel said...

Oh! I want that! Catwoman! Nice! to many exclamation points. Anyways that's a game? I want a copy. I used to love that game.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Luckily I had my dessert BEFORE I read this, otherwise I'd be making two helpings. So depressing!

Becky said...


Hee hee. Catwoman looks lovely, but I too am afraid that she's going to catch a cold. And I can't remember if she goes out in the daytime like that? Because that area needs a liberal helping of sunscreen.

Nice rack though.

Drama Queen Jenner said...

I seem to remember googling "mortal kombat cheats" to get the finishing moves for someone. It cut through the randomness prety quick. I got bios and combos and finish/friend/something else I forgot moves.

Shangrila said...

LOL-now, see-Catwoman MUST free her bust. Even bad-ass comic girls sweat, and it's hard to destroy an opponent utterly (do you see how I sidestepped the pun "udderly"?! I deserve a medal, I tell you!) when your breasts are sweating in your effing leather catsuit! So give the girls some air and kick some bat-ass (get it?! Badass?! I kill me!)

Lisadiana said...

I don't think I have enough on top to make that outfit look good on me but not that I would be wearing it out of my bedroom!

and thank you, pictures of this sort, drawn by men, are why most women have eating issues!

kyooty said...

my hubbie likes these games too. If he's having a really bad day(demanding, he's IT) then this is how he cools off. You would think this would get him more aggitated? no just me. I think he's also done some searching for the best moves.