Thursday, August 21, 2008

G Bday Bash

There were kids.

There was finger painting.

There were games.

There were prizes.

There was no birthday boy...

It was like a very sad re-run of last Thanksgiving. G got sick the night before. We hoped he would feel better by the party, but alas, he did not. Most of the party he spent either on the living room rug or in GG's lap in the living room while the party carried on outside.

He perked up a little towards the end when it was time to smash the pinata.

Mitchell finished off what the little kids failed to do.

Hayley helped by holding the pinata and here she is emptying the wheels.

I hooked up some instructors from the Taekwondo school down the street to come give a demo. Thankfully I know someone who knows someone or else this might not have happened and it was so cool! (Thank you Claranell and Josh!)

Then we went inside for birthday cupcakes.
G got tired again.

E enjoyed his cupcakes.

Benjamin doing karate - too cute!

Ethan and daddy playing while everyone else was having a good time at the ice cream bar.

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Krista P said...

You throw the best bashes on the block - you really should have come to town for P's party to help me plan!

Poor, sweet Gabe. If he feeling any better?

How cool is it that you had taikwando (sp?) masters?!

And those cupcakes - did you make them? They look phenomenal.