Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gabriel's birthday (non)adventures

Yesterday GG took Gabe to fulfill his birthday wish - cowboy boots. He loves them and wore them for the remainder of the evening and then all day today. After they went to the "cowboy store" she took back to her house for Dr. Pepper Floats (with Blue Bell ice cream, of course). It was the quintessential Texas experience.

his tough guy pose

Brandon had planned to take the whole family floating on the Guadalupe to celebrate G's bday. But there was a rare San Antonio torrential downpour. He played in the rain and I brought him in to open his presents.

He was luke warm about the educational gifts I bought him. He was sweet about it but I felt bad for him -what with getting rained out of our float and then getting some lame phonics presents. So Caroline (Adam's girlfriend) and I took Gabriel to Target. On our way, I let him choose anywhere to eat lunch. He picked Wendy's and had a hamburger with extra pickles, fries and a chocolate milk. Once at Target, we walked up and down every toy aisle and I let him pick out whatever he wanted.

Is it any surprise that he picked all cars? Another track, a car wash play set and a pack of hot wheels. I have never seen a child soooooo crazy about cars. I hope he grows up to be an awesome mechanic. How cool would that be to have a mechanic in the family?

Nana had a little family dinner / party for his bday. Stephanie and her family happen to be in town so it worked out great. Yesterday I told Gabriel, "We are going to Nana's house for dinner on your birthday and your favorite person will be there." He shouted with great fervor , "Sofia!" It is so sweet how much they love each other.

getting really tired of this camera and its lame flash throwing shadows. i plan to start walking around with one of those big white reflectors in my purse.

Nana hooked the kids up with some water guns.

new outfit from Nana and Soso - he had to try it right there and then.

GG being silly - no one noticed until my flash went off

then everyone cracked up

At the end of the day he had no great adventures on the river but he had a good day all around. At this moment he is staying up late, watching Michael Phelps win some more medals.


Krista P said...

Love the chocolate faces! The fun part about being young...it's socially acceptable to wear food on your face.

Sounds like he was thoroughly spoiled - well done.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA You're getting sloppy. Though you didn't explain who "adam" is you said my name on the blog! HAHAH!!!