Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Comal River

Last Tuesday - after my awesome birthday party, B, Adam, the kids and I went floating down the Comal. It was great fun - had been a long time since I've been floating.

A little backstory -
My contacts were pretty old and the night before the race, one of them fell out in the garage and several hours later I sent B in to search for it remembering that I needed contacts to run the race. So needless to say, they were gross and gladly tossed Sunday night. As you could tell from my bday pictures, my glasses were badly beaten up (thank you Ethan).

So there we are, floating lazily down the comal river. We came upon a chute - navigated beautifully with G on my lap. Then we get the second - much smaller - chute. Somehow, I got sent off in the other direction, went over the dam, flipped and lost my glasses. Luckily there were no children in my tube with me. They were beat up anyway but we were heading off to B's grandpa's funeral the next morning.

Tagged the monkey - E's admission on the river.

My beautiful do at the end of the day. Notice how crammed I was - packed like a pickle in the backseat.

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Krista P said...

You look nice and comfy sandwiched back there. But I'm sure it was well worth it. Well, except for the glasses thing.