Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Aidan's Fifth bday

G's best bud, Aidan, turned five and had a cool party at Peter Piper Pizza.

Hard to get two boys to stop being silly for a picture.

Having a great conversation.

Super cool Diego cake.

When did my baby turn into a boy? I was watching Ethan eat and thinking, "gosh, he's looking so much like a boy." This is a very boring video except for me and maybe his ma'amaw and nana.

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Krista P said...

Well, happy birthday to Mr Aidan!

I was thinking the same thing about E after that firs tshot. He's just sitting there with A & G like 'one of the boys.'

Little man picks up his pizza, takes a bite, sets it down, chews, and checks out the scene. Hate to have to agree, but yep - he's no longer your baby - now he's your little man.