Friday, August 29, 2008

Cookies and Yoga

Gabriel and Ma'am made cookies together!

In the morning I went to my dad's school. He is a BD (Behavioral Disorder) teacher at a local high school. He asked me to teach yoga for his ART (Anger Replacement Therapy) class. Students are bussed in from two other area high schools that do not have BD programs. I was nervous at first since I have never taught this audience before but it went over really well. The students said they wanted me to come every week. I can't manage that but I hope they are all interested in learning more about yoga on their own.

It was so weird going in there because it looked so schoolish. I haven't been in school since I was in school. College classrooms are drab and look like conference rooms.

My dad does a really good job with these kids. It was so neat watching him in action. He has such a passion for education and such compassion for kids - especially ones with problems. Maybe he is a little older than most first year teachers but its better to find one's purpose late than never.

my dad's classroom door

After I got home from that I ran a mile and a half in 15:24. Jogging on my old routes is doing wonders for my time.

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Krista P said...

How brave of you! I bet the kids just love your Dad.