Friday, February 13, 2009

Baby Phish Heads

When both of our little punks were in utero, we put head phones on my belly and let them listen to music. Dave Matthews and Phish for daddy, Miles Davis and Dave Brubeck for mommy. Its obvious that they take after daddy. They like to jam to Phish in their bunk beds as they fall asleep at night, with their lava lamp as a night light.

Last night though, I was laying with Ethan in the top bunk. We were listening to Phish and Gabriel said from the bottom, "mommy, can i play the guitar like this?" and I said, "sure, you just have to practice a lot." Then he said, "can I play the drums like this?" He can play the drums like that now. He's really good.

So, in honor of my punks and hubs, here is Phish....


Casey said...

Very cool, little musicians are the best. I had to sell my drums to make room for the nursery but we'll probably get them a set in a few years.

Krista P said...

Paige and Cadence like to sing. Maybe they can audition for him when he gets his band started.