Thursday, February 12, 2009

V Day

we have been so busy having fun at (kids) valentine's parties! despite the fact that i got married on valentine's day, i think it should be a kids holiday. its so fun watching them make their crafts and their cards - the enthusiasm over their special snacks and stickers.

thank you for taking the picture, lori!

Valentines Tunes

i also like making love themed compilations - which i probably wouldn't do if there wasn't already a love themed holiday.

a lot of people don't like valentine's day. they say its a commercial holiday intended to make people spend money and feel guilty or inadequate. i like it - but i try to keep it light hearted. what do you think of valentine's day?


Casey said...

Very cute shot... love the heart cutout! We don't do V day around here but it's only because my husband lacks the creative gift giving gene and I'd have to tell him what to do/get. We'll celebrate with the kids when they're old enough to understand.

Nadine said...

I love Valentine's Day. It's to celebrate love - I'm about celebrating love.

Krista P said...

I like it more now that I have kids. It seems more socially acceptible to celebrate once you have kids. Before kids it was a sickeningly sweet, "I love you so so much," holiday and that's totally not my style.