Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This is Sheila.
She is a lab / heeler mix with the Texas Cattle Dog Rescue. She is living with a foster family waiting for us to pick her up! She is a future Grigg, if you will.

I pray that she works out for us! I have had doggy fever for soooo long! I can't wait to have a companion on my jogs, a canine friend to take on hikes and camping trips, and someone spritely to keep up with me and the kids.

Will keep you updated on Sheila and will post some pics as soon as we get her home and sitting still for a minute!

BTW: Blue Heelers are apparently great with the frisbee which rocks for our family! We LOVE LOVE LOVE frisbee! The kids aren't so great at it yet, hopefully Sheila will teach them a thing or two.


Krista P said...

So excited for you!

Shangrila said...

Oh! She is sooo beautiful! Congrats on your new "baby"! ;)