Monday, February 2, 2009

Spin Cycle: Cutting Cost Corners

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This week's spin is

Turning Dollars into SENSE!

Don't you love that title? How clever...

I think everyone has felt the impact of our weakened economy. If you haven't felt it, you might think of emerging from under that rock once in a while and go buy groceries or insurance or anything (and everything) else that has inflated.

Here is how I have pinched a few pennies.

My addiction.

No, I haven't given it up. I haven't cut down. I just found a resource for it.

1. Go to your supplier (in this case, my m.i.l.) and start randomly doing favors for that person. Perhaps he or she will offer you money right after you clean their windshield. Decline. It might be tempting to EARN money for your fix, but resist. You will get yours.

2. The next time you know of your supplier going to pick up a shipment, casually mention that you are out and need some of "the good stuff". Don't appear too eager. Be cool, man.

3. When you pick up your "order" remind your supplier of all the favors you did but do so with a smile. "Remember last week when I cleaned out your gutters? Ha ha! That was fun! Thank you for letting me do that. I really enjoyed it." By the time you reach for your wallet your dealer will certainly say, "oh, don't worry about it. Its on me."

4. After you repeat this process several times, your dealer will be trained to just pick you up some of that which you jones and deliver it to your home without expecting to be paid.

Just in case you run out before the next shipment, its ok to call your dealer to "hang out" at his/her house. After you are caught up on all the news and during the first conversational lull, say, "Mmm... doesn't (fill in the blank with your addiction) sound good right now?"

Have you figured out what my addiction is? Crack? No. Booze? Ew. No. It is coffee. And not just any coffee, the best coffee in the world! My m.i.l. drives all the way to the Houston area to get it for us (3 hours, one way)! Oh yeah, she rocks. And we like to affectionately call Settler's Blend 'black gold.'

I hope you are able to continue your coffee habit through this recession, just as I am.

And here's a shout out to my m.i.l. for being a good sport about supplying me with coffee. HOLLA! WHAT UP PLAYER?!


Sprite's Keeper said...

Ooh, I tried Kona coffee in Hawaii and have been craving it ever since! It just feels smoother going down. Like it kisses the throat or something. So GOOD!
Great Spin and the addiction is completely worthy! You're linked!

Krystal said...

COffee is not in my home b ut our addiction is soda - yeah, we need that caffeine fix too. Funny how your supplier is your MIL and my supplier is also my MIL - we are blessed aren't we?

Casey said...

That's very wise to get in good with your supplier. I've recently become a coffee addict and know how important it is to get your fix.

The Stiletto Mom said...

I have a favorite called Fog Chaser. It is the cheapest coffee in the world but we have to order it online bc they don't sell it in Dallas. Could not live without it, recession or no recession!

Krista P said...

God bless Patti G!!!!! Heaven forbid R doen't get her "fix".

Nana MIL said...

You are so funny!! It is great having a coffee buddy! Here's to one more cup! cheers!
Love ya!!

Shangrila said...

LOL-my husband and I love coffee (okay, and my daughter, yes I'm a bad mother.) Love that your mil enables your "addiction"-too funny! Great suggestions for getting "the good stuff." Loved it!