Thursday, February 19, 2009

Late V Day Post - and other weekend stuff


The Bedhead's came over to make chocolate covered pretzels.
mmm sprinkles!

Then my Valentine stopped by during lunch to drop off flowers!

In the evening, the kids were sweet to each other and Gabriel helped Ethan eat a decent portion of meatloaf.
Saturday night we dropped off the kids and took Sheila to Chalk Bluff for some fishing, grilling and visiting with (new) friends. We met up with B's work associate, Ryan, his girlfriend, Aimee (adorable!) and his dog, Duke. Aimee observed that even Duke had a Valentine! AND she caught a fish that was our delectable appetizer (thank you, Aimee). She just all around rocks. For dinner, the guys grilled lobster tails, filet mignon and assorted veggies. For dessert, none other than chocolate fondue! I can't wait to go back there...

Sunday, after church, we went hiking with another one of B's work associates, Tony, his wife, Dawn and their dog Abigail.
on the way to the park

G catching a ride on Tony

the next male model: Gabriel Zoolander (he's so hot right now)

there was a really cool rock climbing wall and playground at this park

Tony getting modeling tips from Gabe

Dawn releasing her inner child


Rulon and Lori said...

You're a great photographer! I really like the water fountain sweet!

Pearl said...

I love the pictures of the boys. I can't believe how big and CUTE they are getting. And by the way, for some reason I just love the name of your dog! I hope you keep the name. : )

Casey said...

I looked at this earlier today but got called away (note *SCREAMING TODDLER AWAKE FROM NAP*) before I could comment.

Those Valentines are simply adorable, I love them licking the badder from the bowl, so cute.

The dogs swimming were also adorable. That place looks like doggy paradise.

Great pics, thanks for sharing!

Krista P said...

First of forefmost, you are very brave for subjecting yourself to three boys and chocolate.

Love the flowers!

The Chalk Bluff shots are really good.

Nice to know that even Batman needs a good nap once ina while.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ethan pic walking the dog.

Bulking up G's portfolio ;)

And before I get too wordy, I'll end with the fact that I really like the last two shots - a lot.