Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Tuesday pictures


1. Sheila was all up in my grill. But that's ok - she is so cute!

2. Sheila got stung by a bee on her lip after one of our jogs. Though it was disturbing that her face swelled up in an instant, she's still so cute / pathetic / ok now.

3. Tommy came over and hung out with us. B insisted we take the couch outside as we have no patio furniture. I was not entirely happy with this proposition but since the couch is back in the house and doesn't reek of smoke (contained "camp" fire) its ok. Perhaps when we get the tax refund we might consider buying some second hand patio furniture ... and paying off debts ... more importantly paying off debts. Blasted recession!

4. B worked LONG hours all last week. After I ranted on the phone to Mrs. Bedhead about how I see alcoholism could become a slippery slope for many overwhelmed moms and that she should say something if my consumption begins to eek past moderation, she showed up (186 beers too early) to enable my present addictions with a latte and (raspberry dark) chocolate bar. Then her and Mr. Bedhead and baby bedhead stayed to play with my psychos for about an hour. If that's not love, I don't know what is. You see from the picture that they interrupted my ironing, I love her even more for that!

5. Gabriel got glasses. Apparently, he is almost legally blind (literally) and these glasses may or may not prevent him from going totally blind. But if we never got him glasses ... that would have been bleak so let's not go there. The upside is that he is so handsome with them on! This new discovery explains a lot about his soccer season. Also, it explains why he nearly sits on top tv to watch it. Nowadays he lays leisurely on the floor - usually sprawled out on top of Sheila.

6. I tried to make focaccia for the first time. It was ruinous but it made my dirty tea kettle look good. Notes to self: let dough rise, don't be hasty, don't bake when it rains, use more flour, don't try to multi-task whilst trying a new recipe.


Krista P said...

Poor sweet Sheila.

Do I spy a half nekkid kiddo behind that couch?

You're going to be in trouble with G. He looks so SO so cute in those glasses. Total chick magnet. :( his poor eyes.

The Stiletto Mom said...

Awwww....Bex, Gabriel is so darned cute in those glasses!!!!! My godson got his first pair at 4, I love to tell him how he just looks SO MUCH SMARTER than everyone else.

Casey said...

I love the glasses, he looks so cool in them! I have some pretty nice patio furniture but man, that couch looks way more comfy. Poor Sheila and her puffy lip. She's cute with or without it.

Keely said...

Aw, the poor pup! I have a similar pic of mine after she got into some poison ivy.

Those glasses ARE super cute!

Lisadiana said...

I found you! Can Mrs. Bedhead be my friend too? I'll do almost anything for coffee and chocolate!

We had a great time today at your house - hope we'll get invited back again!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Loved the randomness! Awwww, poor Sheila... Gabriel is ADORABLE in his cool new glasses! ;)

Happy Random Tuesday a day late... ;)

Pearl said...

Gabe is definitely a total mini-you now!