Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4 year old graduate and uneducated crawdads

Monday, Gabriel graduated from the ABC Club - our library's brilliant, educational "club" for preK.

here is with the cast of a year long's worth of puppet shows

there was coloring

they colored and cut out the chicka chicka boom boom tree

there was dancing ...

... to an ABC song

there was a parade around the library for the graduates

color or b&w?

Ethan, as usual, spent the whole time running a muck in the library while i tried desperately to be in two places at once.

but he looks cute in black & white

Also that day, Gabriel registered for Kindergarten. It's all happening so fast! What's next? College? I'm starting to feel like I want a third child - just to hold onto the childlike wonderment of the age of PreK.


Rewind to Sunday -

We had a crawfish boil at our house. I took about a gazillion pictures. Here are thirty of them all neatly bundled into a fashionable slide show courtesy of Slide.com.


Nana/MIL said...

AWWW I am so sad that I missed his graduation! Adorable pics! The Crawfish Boil was awesome!!!!

Lisadiana said...

Color. Definitely Color.

Drama Queen Jenner said...

Love the mix of b&w/color in the slide show.

Nadine said...

His graduation is so sweet. I love the cap.

I never had crawfish believe it or not, but that looked like fun and yummy.

Laufa said...

Looks like you had an awesome time at the boil.
Congrats Graduate!! The b&w's do make them look so much cuter.
My Bubba is going to Kindergarten next year also, he is so excited to be a big boy.
You will be tagged on tomorrows post on my blog. Hehehe.

Casey said...

Congrats to the little graduate, he looks so cute marching around the library. I like the B&W shot for that pic.

The crawdad pics were hilarious, especially the flying baby and the poor dog with the crab stuck to his tail. Unfortunately, I don't eat seafood or I'd be right over...

Ginny Marie said...

I liked the B&W shots in the library, too. And I've never eaten a crawfish, either. They looked yummy...I'm missing out on something good!

Becky said...

OMG, so cute! He looks so proud of himself! I like the B&W photos too.

Believe me, time flies. My daughter has 4 more weeks of second grade, and I feel like she JUST started kindergarten. Aargh!

Krista P said...

I can't get over how cute and smart G looks in his glasses. Usually kids are either cute or smart in glasses - not both. He totally nails the look.

Love the BW shots of him in the stacks.