Tuesday, April 28, 2009

8 is great-I've been tagged!

Ok - since I am a lover of lists I could hardly refuse Laufa's tag. But since I am also a little bit dull, I will add some entertaining pictures for you to look at whilst you scroll to the bottom.

8 things i look forward to in no particular order:

-a tan (i know, it is sooooo unhealthy)
-finding out that primrose and rohan's visa request was accepted and that they are going to live here forever
-gabriel starting kinder (but i also dread it)
-this book i requested at the library - i'm number 26 out of 40 holds on the first 6 copies. i'll be waiting a long time
-next semester bible study
-watching tonight's Dancing With the Stars. its on the DVR but hubs is watching basketball. pshaw.
-the end of the swine flu pandemic
-my next visit to the STL

8 things i did yesterday:

-taught pilates
-ran a secret errand
-ate a salad
-brushed my teeth
-cleaned up about a million messes that my kids made
-cuddled with the boys
-changed clothes 4 times (1. out of pj's, into workout gear - 2. out of workout gear into street clothes - 3.out of street clothes into yoga clothes - 4. out of yoga clothes into pj's)
-sat in traffic - grrrrr.

8 things i wish i could do:

-fluently speak spanish (i only speak enough to get in trouble)
-fluently speak french (i only speak enough to get my husband in trouble)
-play guitar (am working on it)
-teach yoga and pilates everyday instead of just 2 days / week
-travel MORE
-run in the heat without feeling like my face and feet are going to burn off of my body
-give all my bloggy friends a big hug and big bar of chocolate (i know, casey, its not HASAY approved!)
-take my husband's burdens off his shoulders

8 shows i watch:

-dancing with the stars
-the office
-30 rock
-parks and recreation
-SNL (anyone see a trend?)
-clean house
-spongebob squarepants

8 bloggers i tag:

1. Leslie at Captain Crazy
2. KP at The Grove
3. Lori at Rulon, Lori and Family
4. Drama Queen Jenner
5. Peggy at Stir Crazy in the Suburbs
6. Ginny Marie at Lemon Drop Pie
7. My Bella Figlia
-ok, that's 7 - not eight. i left a place for you - if you want to play along!

if you want to play, here's what you do...
Here's how 8 THINGS works:
- Mention the person that tagged you. (check)
- Complete the lists of 8's. (check)
- Tag 8 of your wonderful bloggy friends. (sort of check)
- Go tell them you tagged them! (check)


Drama Queen Jenner said...

I'll be answering this tag tomorrow, when I'm coherent. :)

Word verification is chignest. Hope I don't wander into one of those tomorrow.

Ginny Marie said...

Hi, Bex! I'm sorry that JS-Kit didn't register your comment...I hope that's not happening very often! Let me know if it happens again!

I've already been tagged and written my 8s, but I'm going to post a different list today, and I'll link you up! ;) Thanks for including me on your list!

Rulon and Lori said...

Fun list! I'll do it! We should totally meet up sometime at Sea World...email me your phone number and I'll give you a call when we're going. Or vice versa. : )

Rulon and Lori said...

Oops...email address is johnsoll@excite.com

Peggy said...

Hi Bex!
Thanks for the link!
Sorry to say, I'm with hubs on the basketball over DWTS...but sadly, my Bulls lost last night...super great game though!
I'll take chocolate thankyouverymuch and secret errand? A woman of mystery!

Casey said...

So did you like Parks and Recreation? We stopped watching after the second episode since we thought it was too much like a "The Office" wannabe.

I hope your friends get to stay too!

Pearl said...

Loved your list so much, I did one too! Mine was a little modified since I don't have any blogger friends. I had to do a double take on the shaved cat photo. I thought it was Kasha. Glad your friends can stay in the USA. (I couldn't resist the rhyme)

Drama Queen Jenner said...

Funny you should mention that - my stepmom bought it at Scarborough Fair this weekend.

Krista P said...

Love the pics